terça-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2010

Carnival Tuesday

Okay, Tuesday of Carnival, nothing better to do, I saw some promising satellite images. I picked up my bike, my camera and went to my point of observation. I got there, and saw nothing very important, the most interesting thing I saw was an updraft that fed a rain cloud over the entire time I was there.

I decided to leave because I don't want get rain.
When I looked to the right and I think to see a few lines more organized in the clouds that I observed before, but I continued my way.
A few kilometers later, I saw that it was not just impression, there was something bigger than I thought.It was a monster who proceeded quietly.

When I was approaching the city, this was my vision.

looking through satellite images, the vision was this:

Once inside the city, I saw this:

My adrenaline went up so much that I could not focus the picture. For me which I saw with my eyes was a funnel has dissipating, but it was.
I increased the contrast of this photo. The result was close to what I saw

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